Pure Vermont Maple Syrup -Plastic – 1/2 Gallon




We offer ALL four grades of maple syrup in our glass plastic jugs ALL of which are equally delicious.

Golden Delicate is the lightest and has a subtle almost buttery maple flavor.  It’s WONDERFUL warmed up and drizzled over vanilla ice cream and on your pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt or even in your morning coffee.

Amber Rich has a beautiful amber color and has a beautifully balanced maple flavor.  It’s the most popular grade and is a GREAT all-around use maple syrup.  Drizzle it over your pancakes or waffles, add it to your coffee, marinate or even homemade chilli.

Dark Robust is the darkest of the table maple syrup and has a BOLD maple flavor.  Can you use it on your pancakes?  Absolutely!  This is the favorite of our dark syrup lovers,  bakers, cooks and old time Vermonters.   Making something sweet?  Substitute this grade for your processed cane sugar or use it on ribs, pulled pork, chicken,  turkey, baked beans, maple kielbasa – to name a few.

Very Strong Very Dark is known for its commercial grade qualities.  Its just as the title describes – very strong maple flavor and very dark in color.  It’s most desirable for cooking, whether it be baking, grilling or even making homemade BBQ sauce.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 9 in

Golden Delicate, Amber Rich, Dark Robust, Very Dark