Summer at the Maple Syrup Museum

Summer….finally!! What a great time to visit our Green Mountain State.

Yes, it’s true almost everything up here is green this time of the year except for our white houses and red barns…well not exactly, but you get the point. This time of year we definitely do have fresh water lakes, caressing breezes, starry nights, and as they say in the song, “Moonlight in Vermont” like you’ve never seen.

Stop by the New England Maple Museum to check out the biggest Maple Syrup jug around and have your picture taken next to the giant jug. A classic roadside iconic image with a Vermont flavor to it. Whether you are already a Maple Museum customer or not you’ll want to stop by and learn more about Vermont’s most famous and most misunderstood  agricultural commodity, MAPLE. How many really know what maple syrup is, where it comes from and how it’s produced? Our exhibits reveal the intricate mysteries of nature for centuries locked in the maple tree and the special sugar it produces. We have a large sampling room filled with a variety of specialty foods including Pure Vermont Maple Syrup to try. Our gift shop carries a wide variety of Vermont made products as well as other unique and hard to find gifts and specialty foods.

Everyone knows how good pure maple syrup tastes on a steaming hot stack of pancakes, but how about on ice cream on blistering summer days. Share this experience with your friends and relatives. Each order is personally prepared, carefully packaged and ready to mail within several days of receiving your order and will include a "greeting" composed by you. Most of all, your order will include the nostalgia of a time thought to have gone by but maybe hasn't.

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Vermont Maple Syrup - The Sweetest Story Ever Told

Mr Doolittle

The New England Maple Museum is conveniently located in the heart of Maple Country, nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains, where the finest  Vermont maple syrup is made. The museum offers a trip through over 200 years of maple sugaring history starting with the Native American discovery that maple sap cooked over an open fire produces a sweet syrup. Today, the sweet aroma of sap permeating the air, still harkens the arrival of Spring in Vermont. And a tour of the New England Maple Museum brings it all to life.

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Visit our secure online gift shop to bring a taste of Vermont to your home. Maple syrup makes a great gift and we have special pricing available on specialty food gift sets and baskets for the holiday season. We also offer maple spread, maple cream, maple candy, and Vermont made Jam.